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Traditional analytics tools let you track metrics but not the reasons behind them. Try VWO Insights for Mobile Apps and deeply understand your users. Apply for free 90-day access along with a product tour now. Limited spots.

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  • Android/IOS support
  • Lightweight SDKs (<300kb)
  • Privacy by default
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Accelerate your app’s growth

Address critical areas to help you enhance user experience and drive growth.

Thousands of growing brands trust VWO Insights for gathering user behavioral insights.

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Essential toolkit to fuel your app’s growth

Explore powerful features for in-depth user behavior analysis.

Get insights faster with advanced user filters

Identify and understand key user segments with attributes like user type, engagement, struggle behaviors, and more. Create custom events for deeper, tailored insights.

Visualize user journey with events timeline

Gain real-time insights into user actions like taps, scrolls, or crashes—spot friction points and user behavior patterns across multiple sessions from a comprehensive timeline view.

Understand user interactions better

Understand how users interact with your app. Visualize click patterns and engagement hotspots with our color-overlay heatmaps.

Turn insights into actionable observations

Collaborate effortlessly with your team. Share valuable findings from recordings or heatmaps directly within or outside your VWO account.

Get full control over data collection

Choose exactly what to record. Manage visibility of screens, text, tags, and views, ensuring complete control over the recording process.

Never compromise your app performance

With our lightweight Android and iOS SDK, your app's performance remains seamless, even on a 3G network.

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